Story of Success: Organzing For A Common Cause

Posted by Evan Gates on April 1st, 2014        

It is safe to say that most of Kansas now knows what HB 2453, that passed the kansas house last week was about. A bill that got little attention in committee drew fierce criticism from all over Kansas when it was moved to the house floor. The final vote included “no” votes from the democratic caucus and a handful of republicans, arguably one of the most bipartisan oppositions to a bill we have seen in the recent legislature.

Last week when HB 2453 passed, the people all over Kansas were outraged. It was a bill that legalized discrimination, not that

AFL-CIO Quarterly Meeting by Donna Lehane

Posted by Evan Gates on April 1st, 2014        

After the Kansas State AFL-CIO morning quarterly board meeting in Topeka, Kansas on February 11. SPEEA CR and AFL-CIO board member Donna Lehane attended a special Strategic Planning meeting.  Additional labor councils and unions also were in attendance during the afternoon Strategic Planning meeting. This meeting and future meetings are the result of resolutions that were passed at the National AFL-CIO Conference that was held this past summer in California.

In all about 30 unions and or labor council representatives were represented in this meeting from all across the State.

Special invite went out to Chelsea Orvella, Legislative Director from …


The Voters Couldn’t Be More Clear: Raising Wages Is a Top Priority

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Kenneth Quinnell | AFL-CIO

Voters in key 2014 battleground states made it clear in a new poll conducted by Hart Research Associates that raising wages, higher living standards and fair treatment are among their top priorities, and they want political leaders to do more on these issues. Nearly 60% of the surveyed voters from Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are unhappy with their state’s economy. More than 90% said they are only keeping even economically or falling behind. More than 70% say that raising wages would be good for their state, despite claims that raising wages would increase prices …


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